Scotland vs Wales

Scotland vs Wales

Scotland vs Wales

Alavés vs Valencia

Well I quite enjoyed that. Scotland fans will begin to wonder when they’re going to take the next step forward, as it was a familiar story today. They were the more exciting, more ambitious team and certainly the nicer to watch. But we’re going back to the same old adjectives: naive, lacking an edge, impatient. They had their chances and it’s to Scotland’s credit that they were of their own creation, rather than born of Welsh mistakes. At this point though, they really should be winning these matches.

As for Wales, at least they played for 80 minutes today. They also seemed to have some sort of game plan, unlike last week, based on relentless kick chasing and battering the Scots at the breakdown. It worked, but you can’t see Gatland’s men beating any decent teams any time soon.

Fun though that was, neither of these teams is a contender to make an impact on the World Cup, nor to win this Six Nations. Thanks very much for all your emails and tweets, sorry I couldn’t use them all.


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